AP Tank Revealed Mini-Compact with 1 spiral


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AP Tank Revealed Mini-Compact is designed to films 135 en blanco y negro y color, y está equipado con una espiral. Este producto es resistente al calor, estanco y opaco a la luz.

Espiral de bobinado fácil y con sistema de bloqueo anti retroceso. ¡Es el tanque ideal para iniciarse en el proceso de revelado!

Model: MINI
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AP Tank Revealed Mini-Compact with 1 spiral

Development tank Compact MINI model, for films 135 black and white and color equipped with a spiral. It is heat resistant, watertight and opaque to light.

The movements of the spiral inside the tank are simultaneously rotary and undulating. This allows the photographic solutions to circulate evenly within the tank.

The spirals of this tank resist temperatures of up to 100ºC. Its design allows a fast and safe winding of the film. A small stainless steel ball on the entry guides prevents the film from recoiling.

It is the ideal tank to start the development process.

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Compact MINI development tank with two automatic spirals

AP Tank Revealed Mini-Compact with 1 spiral


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