SIGMA AF 18-35 / 1.8 DC HSM ART lens for Canon


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Main features

  • APS-C sensor coverage
  • Constant aperture at f / 1.8 throughout the entire focal range
  • Excellent management of optical aberrations
  • Rounded diaphragm, harmonic bokeh

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One of Sigma's finest creations, this lens sets a new benchmark in performance, delivering quality that exceeds expectations in every way.

Designed with a focus on sophisticated optical performance and abundant expressive power, the new Art line offers superior image quality for high-end artistic expression. This new lens incorporates the concept of the new Art lens line.

High resolution with nice bokeh effect

Various types of optical aberrations can affect the image quality of a lens. Chromatic aberration is one of the most important, and minimizing it is essential. There are two types of chromatic aberrations: transverse, which can be corrected with digital processing, and axial, difficult to reduce once the photograph is taken. In the Sigma 35mm F1.4 DG HSM, the FLD (“F” Low Dispersion) glass, equivalent in characteristics to fluorite, and the SLD (Special Low Dispersion) glass help optimize the power distribution of the target. This optimization minimizes axial chromatic aberration by having different wavelengths of light attack the same focus position, while also minimizing transverse chromatic aberration. Additionally, aspherical lenses help minimize astigmatism and field curvature. Thanks to these characteristics, the resolution is extremely high from the center to the edges of the image.

MADE IN JAPAN. High precision and high quality - all made in Japan

By optimizing the integrated production quality system, Sigma has focused on getting it right, with its own hands and its own techniques. One of the few manufacturers whose products are exclusively “made in Japan”. 

USB Dock- Unique software customization system

Device that allows users to update firmware, focus calibration and other parameters, thanks to the linked SIGMA Optimization Pro software (free download from the web).

Connect the Dock via the bayonet to the lens and the device to a personal computer via the USB connection.

Weight 811 g

Dimensions 78 x 121 mm

Focal distance 18-35 (35mm equivalent: approx 27 × 52.5)

Opening Maximum: f / 1.8 Minimum: f / 16

Vision angle 76.5 ° - 44.2 °

Minimum focus distance 28 cm

Groups / Elements 12/17

Diaphragm 9-blade rounded

Autofocus Yes, with HSM motor

Stabilizer Do not

Filter diameter 72 mm

Accessories Front cover, rear cover and sun visor

Mount APS-C

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SIGMA AF 18-35 / 1.8 DC HSM ART lens for Canon