SIGMA AF 18-200 / 3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM CONTEMPORARY MACRO lens for Sony


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Main features

  • Compact lens with high optical performance
  • APS-C sensor coverage
  • Macro function with maximum magnification factor of 1: 3
  • Optical stabilizer OS
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The ultra compact 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 DC MACRO OS HSM zoom is approximately the same size as a typical standard zoom lens. However, it offers excellent optical performance throughout the zoom range, meeting the high-resolution needs of newer cameras.

It is Sigma's most compact and lightest lens among interchangeable APS-C format super zoom lenses with optical stabilization function.

With the complete set of the latest Sigma technologies, it expresses the essence of the current high performance line. Thanks to its compact size and exceptional performance, it is the ideal “all-in-one” lens, excellent for snapshots, portraits, photojournalism, and virtually all types of photographic scenes. 

Compact lens with high optical performance. This lens incorporates the latest optical technology such as FLD glass elements and aspherical lenses, which makes it very compact, with a length of only 87.7mm, while maintaining its high performance. This compact design ensures excellent mobility The full realization of the Contemporary concept.

 Lenses in the Contemporary line are the perfect choice in a wide variety of photographic situations. Taking advantage of its advanced technologies, Sigma has solved the difficult problem of maintaining size and low weight without compromising optical performance. They are the lenses you will use every day, covering everything from wide angle, telephoto, and macro needs. 

Developed to offer high performance, compact and lightweight, with macro capability. With a minimum focusing distance of 39cm and a maximum magnification ratio of 1: 3, this lens offers true macro close-up capabilities. It is used to photograph fashion accessories, kitchen, flower arrangements, and much more without having to change optics. With a minimum working distance of 14.7cm, you can put distance between you and your subject, avoiding shadows. For this reason, it is an excellent choice for capturing flowers in natural light. For convenience, the maximum magnification ratio at each focus distance appears on the side of the lens body, providing a guide to the size of the subject on the image sensor. Uncompromising in all aspects of the design, Sigma has even chosen not to put the product name on the front of the lens to avoid possible reflection of the letters during macro photography. 

OS: Optical stabilizer incorporates Sigma's proprietary OS (Optical Stabilizer) function. It offers an effective correction of approximately 4 stops, compensating for camera shake even in macro photography, where a small blur is easily identified.  Quick and quiet AF. The HSM (hypersonic motor) offers high-speed AF and extremely quiet performance. 

Developed to offer high performance and portability With the aim of creating the ideal lens for every day, this optic has been designed as compact as possible. By using dual aspherical lens elements and compacting the motor, it achieves a cylinder diameter of 70.7mm- 4.6mm smaller in diameter than its predecessor (75.3mm). And also, in comparison, the new lens is a smaller volume 11%. To create a compact high-performance lens ideal for a wide variety of photographic scenes, an OS (Optical Stabilizer) system was designed, optimizing the lens power distribution and designing a more compact barrel. Made of TSC (Thermally Stable Compound), which is the perfect complement to metal parts. In addition to contributing to the construction of high-precision lenses, TSC material allows for thinner zoom rings, scales, and other parts.

The lens barrel features a new TSC (Thermally Stable Composite) material that offers minimal thermal shrinkage combined with exceptional toughness. It also offers 25% more stretch than polycarbonate. Since its thermal shrinkage is low, the TSC adapts very well to metal parts, further contributing to the lens's high-precision construction. The TSC also allows the manufacture of thin shapes for parts such as zoom rings and scale rings.

Refined design integrated to meet the needs of photographers.

All lenses in Sigma's new Contemporary line come with a high-quality rubber connector hood and feature a newly designed front cap, as well as an AF / MF switch, designed for intuitive use and superior functionality. Inside, the hypersonic motor (HSM) offers high-speed AF and extremely quiet performance. An improved algorithm offers even smoother autofocus. 

Made in japan By optimizing the integrated production quality system, Sigma has focused on getting it right, with its own hands and our own techniques. Currently one of the few manufacturers whose products are exclusively "made in Japan". 

Weight 430g

Dimensions Diameter 70.7mm x Length 81mm

Focal distance 18-200 (35mm equivalent approx. 27-300)

Opening from f / 3.5 to f / 22

Vision angle 76.5-8.1º

Minimum focus distance 39 cm

Groups / Elements 16 Elements in 13 Groups

Autofocus HSM motorized

Stabilizer Yes, up to four compensation steps

Filter diameter Diameter 62mm

Accessories Caps and parasol

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SIGMA AF 18-200 / 3.5-6.3 DC OS HSM CONTEMPORARY MACRO lens for Sony