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  • Swiss+pro ADVANCE RF-15 Tripod with Remote Control



    - Material: stainless steel
    - Folded size: 18.6 cm
    - Extended size: 70 cm
    - Bluetooth
    - Battery: CR1632 battery

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    Elite V-10 Video Tripod
    Free shipping


    Solid, sturdy and versatile professional video tripod with adjustable functions for optimal performance

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    Elite V-20 Video Tripod
    Free shipping

    Professional, solid, firm and versatile video tripod, equipped with adjustable functions for optimal performances. Its double axis ball joint with fixing knob, and its adjustment arm for vertical and horizontal positioning, ensure maximum precision when establishing the desired framing.

  • Swiss + Pro 400-27 Single Use Camera with Flash

    Suitable for indoor and outdoor conditions.

    • 27 photos
    • ISO400
    • Built-in flash
  • Elite VIP 60 Photo Tripod
    Free shipping

    Prosumer tripod, resistant and comfortable to carry.
    Its ball joint with adaptable 1/4 ”- 3/8” threaded shoe allows 360º movement. The central column reinforces the stability of the head thanks to its counterweight system.

  • Photo Elite MA-50 Monopod
    Free shipping

    The Swiss + Pro Elite MA-50 high-quality aluminum monopod is a lightweight and professional 4-section aluminum monopod. Clip system for regulation and locking of the legs that provide a maximum load capacity of 5 kg. Padded foam grip, large, robust metal kneecap with fluid micro-adjustment.

  • LI-42B / LI-40B battery

    LI-42B / LI-40B battery

  • Swiss+pro C-14 carbon fiber tripod
    Free shipping

    It is the highest-end model in our line of professional tripods. Made of carbon fiber, it has a maximum precision ball joint with a load capacity of up to 18Kg.

  • Swiss+pro D-749U Universal Black Battery Charger

    • Input: AC 100-240V 50-60Hz
    • Output: All lithium, NiMh and NiCd batteries, 12V / 1A output.
  • Swiss + pro ELITE VIP-85 tripod with ball head and shoe

    Swiss + pro ELITE VIP-85 tripod with ball head and shoe
    Free shipping

    • Material: Aluminum
    • Net Weight: 1.54kg
    • Folded length: 38.5cm
    • MIN Operation Length: 18.5cm
    • MAX Operation Length: 150cm
  • Swiss+pro Travel 8-20 × 25 binoculars
    Free shipping

    The swiss+pro Travel ZOOM 8-20 × 25 compact binoculars are ideal for travel and sports events. These binoculars with FMC lens coating have a field of view at 1000 meters distance of 114-80m. It only weighs 270g and also includes a case to store them.

  • Rubber foot for MA-50 and MA-60

    Rubber foot for MA-50 and MA-60

  • Steel tip for MA-50 and MA-60

    Steel tip for MA-50 and MA-60

  • Swiss+pro D-749U Universal White Battery Charger

    Charges all old or current 1.2V, 3.6-3.7V, 7.2-7.4V lithium ion batteries, and AA / AAA NiMh / NiCd batteries and 1 Ni-Mh 9V battery etc. The microprocessor identifies Li-Ion NiMh / NiCd batteries and their +/- poles are set to charge automatically.

  • Lens and filter cleaner kit

    This Deluxe Camera Cleaner kit contains the items necessary for the proper care and maintenance of your camera and accessories.

  • Advance RF-20 Photo Tripod

    Ideal hobbyist tripod for light camera tours. Despite its simplicity, it is equipped with a central column system with a rack and an adjustment arm for vertical positioning, which facilitate its handling and ensure maximum precision when installing the camera.

  • Swiss+pro Advance RF Travel Mini tripod

    Swiss+pro Advance RF Travel Mini tripod

    Ultra compact and versatile hobbyist tripod, equipped with adjustable functions for optimal performance.

    • Material: Aluminum
    • Folded Length: 30 cm
    • MIN Operation Length: 28 cm
    • MAX Operation Length: 113cm
    • Maximum load: 0.6 Kg
  • Swiss+pro Advance RF-51 tripod
    Free shipping

    Solid and versatile hobbyist tripod with adjustable functions for optimal performance.

    • Maximum load: 4 Kg
    • MIN Operation Length: 66 cm
    • MAX Operation Length: 169 cm
    • Ball Joint Type: Double Axis
  • Swiss+pro bag Holster with handle TARASP-20 Black

    The Tarasp 20 photographic bag from the Tarasp Series is specially designed for the transport of SLR cameras with their lens. Made of 420D Nylon, a high-density, resistant and waterproof exterior material, its modular interior design will allow you to distribute the space as it best suits you, keeping the content protected thanks to its padded walls and its multiple internal pockets.


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