Kiosk DNP DS T4 Lite order terminal 21.5 ″ + SnapLab Pro Software


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DNP DS T4 Lite kiosk 21.5 ″ order terminal with SnapLab Pro Software

SnapLab Pro is photographic software built into the DST4 Lite order terminal, designed for capturing photographic images. This is DNP's flagship photo printing software, with its new visual design it provides an optimal customer experience and very intuitive navigation.

DST 4 Lite, combined with SnapLab Pro software, is a Plug & Play solution. That easy-to-use Backoffice allows for customization of various features, product category activations and deactivations, order management, and much more. Thanks to SnapLab Pro, you can take on new business, and increase your income.


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Kiosk - DNP DS T4 Lite 21.5 "order terminal with SnapLab Pro Software

DNP DS T4 Lite kiosk 21.5 "order terminal + SnapLab Pro Software