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The term "Analogic photograph»Or also called«Traditional Photography»Refers to the photograph that uses a analog camera and a movie. A roll of film is loaded into the camera and the magic begins once it starts to click: the light interacts with the chemicals in the film and an image is recorded. The images collected on your film roll come to life when the film is processed in a photo lab.

When it comes to choosing one analog cameraIt is important to remember that different cameras shoot different types of film. Some cameras use 35mm film, some require 110-format film, some shoot 120-film (also known as "medium format"), and some use instant film. The most common among these options is 35mm film, which can be processed at your local photo lab. 35mm film comes in cans and is characterized by its sprocket holes, small perforations that run along the edge of the film strip. Film 120, on the other hand, is larger and offers square photos; this film does not have sprocket holes. The 110 format film is used with pocket cameras and produces small photos. Finally, the snapshot photos do not require photo lab processing; They magically unfold in a few seconds!

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