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    Fujifilm Instax MINI Instant Film Bipack (2×10 photos)

    DOS SIEMPRE MEJOR QUE UNO. En Swiss+pro no queremos que te quedes sin todo lo que necesitas para vivir tu experiencia analógica al máximo nivel. Con este Bipack tendrás 2 Cartuchos de 10 exposiciones.


    ¿Cuáles son las principales características de Fujifilm Instax MINI Película Instantánea?


    • Valid for use with all Instax Mini series cameras.
    • 2 Cartridges of 10 exposures.
    • ISO 800 / Get good results in low light.
    • Credit card size film format.
    • Glossy finish.
    • Ultra sharp high speed film.
    • Reproduces vivid colors.
    • Less development time.
    • Improved stability for long-term storage.
    • Small format, ideal for transporting and storing.
    • Extended working temperature range.
  • Instant Polaroid i-Type Color Bipack 16 Photos Film

    Polaroid i-Type Color Película Instantánea Bipack (16 Fotos)

    Con este bipack de Polaroid podrás disfrutar de dos paquetes de 8 fotos, es decir, ¡16 oportunidades para obtener tus mejores recuerdos! Anímate y adéntrate en el mundo de la fotografía analógica de la mano de Polaroid.


    • 16 color exposures for Polaroid Originals i-Type instant cameras
    • 8 photos per package (x2)
    • Classic white frame
    • No battery
    • Format: 107 mm x 88 mm
    • Image area: 79mm x 79mm
    • Development time: 10-15 minutes
    • Para cámaras Polaroid Now/OneStep2/OneStep+
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    Canon ZINK Instant Paper 5 x 7.6 cm

    Create easy-to-share prints of your social media snapshots in seconds with this 2 "x 3" ZINK ™ adhesive-backed photo paper


    • Transform the snapshots of your mobile device into personalized stickers
    • Keep small mementos and give gifts, or add a personal touch to your belongings
    • Impress with smudge-free, sturdy and waterproof photos
    Desde: 13,90 Desde: 12,90
  • Canon XS-20L Selphy Square Qx10 Pack Paper and Ink

    This Canon XS-20L Ink/Paper Pack is compatible with the SELPHY SQUARE QX10. Get it with just one click!

    • Enjoy detailed, vivid, archive-quality images to preserve
    • Prints will last up to 100 years if kept out of direct sunlight
    • The 72 x 85mm prints are perfect for the Instagram user and have a wider edge for writing on, making them ideal for scrapbooking too
    • Ideal for parties and social events
    • Prints have a splash and water resistant protective layer
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    Fujifilm Instax Mini Pink Lemonade Frame Instant Film (1×10 photos)

    Instant film for Fujifilm cameras models 8, 9, 25, 50S, 70 and 90.


  • Polaroid Impossible PX 600 Color Película Instantánea Bipack (16 fotos)

    ¿Ya tienes todo lo que necesitas para tu nueva andadura en el mundo analógico? Con este bipack tendrás 16 oportunidades para disparar tu cámara Polaroid.


    ¿Qué podemos destacar de Polaroid Impossible PX 600 Color Película Instantánea?


    • Película instantánea en color compatible con las cámaras Polaroid de tipo 600 (como la 635CL y la 600) /impulse/ OneStep2/OneStep+/Now
    • Every pack Contains eight glossy photos in classic Polaroid colors
    • Also available in black and white Polaroid Originals 600 film
    • Instant photos with classic blank chassis - Format Length: 8.8 cm x height: 10.8 cm / Image area: Length 7.9 cm x height: 7.9 cm
    • ASA 640 - Shooting with light - The brighter it is, the better the photo will be. Instant movies love light, especially natural light.
    • Photos are developed in 10-15 min - Develop photos in the dark - At first nothing is visible in any photo. During this time, they are very delicate, so they should not be bent or shaken.
    • Store cold and shoot at room temperature - Temperature affects how the film works. Store it cold in the fridge, but never freeze it.
    • For use with: Polaroid 600, Polaroid Impulse, Polaroid SLR680, Polaroid i-Type, Impossible i-Type, Impossible Instant Lab
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    Fujifilm Instax Square Monochrome Instant Film (1×10 photos)

    These instant films are ideal for Fujifilm Square cameras.

  • Polaroid ITYPE Color Instant Film (8 photos)

    Con Polaroid ITYPE Color Película Instantánea obtendrás un Pack de ocho exposiciones para la nueva saga de cámaras OneStep. Sin batería y con el encanto de las polaroids de toda la vida.


    ¿Qué necesitas saber de este pack de películas instantáneas Polaroid ITYPE Color?


    • Eight exposures in color with the touch and magic of Polaroid, with brilliant photos and natural colors.
    • Compatible with the new OneStep, like the new OneStep, like the OneStep 2 or the OneStep+.
    • No built-in battery so not compatible with old Polaroid 600 cameras.
    • 10.7 by 8.8 cm copy size, with a 7.9 by 7.9 cm square image surrounded by the classic white border.
    • Development time from 10 to 15 minutes.
    • Film with a sensitivity of 640 ISO.
  • Polaroid PX 600 Instant Color Frame Film 8 Photos (Assorted Color Frame)

    Polaroid PX 600 Film Instant Color Frame 8 photos (Frame...

    • for Polaroid 600/Impulse/OneStep2/OneStep+/Now cameras
    • 8 instant color photos
    • Classic white frame
    • Developed photos in 10-15 minutes
    • Best stored refrigerated
  • -8%disc.

    Película Instant Fujifilm Instax Square White marble WW 1 (1×10...

    • White marble patterned frames
    • 2.4 x 2.4 «image area
    • 3.4 x 2.8 "print size
    • Vibrant colors and natural skin tones
    • Excellent sharpness and grain structure
  • Polaroid Impossible PX 600 Color Instant Film (8 photos)

    En swiss+pro encontrarás las mejores opciones de películas instantáneas. Este modelo Polaroid Impossible PX 600 Color es perfecto para cámaras modelo Polaroid 600.

    ¿Qué podemos destacar de este paquete de 8 fotos Polaroid impossible Px 600?

    • Each pack consists of eight photos with a glossy finish and the classic Polaroid colors
    • Color instant film compatible with 600-type Polaroid cameras (such as 635CL and 600)
    • Total development time between 10 and 15 minutes
    • 640 ISO sensitivity
  • Fujifilm Instax WIDE Película Instantánea Bipack (2×10 fotos)

    Este bipack (2×10 fotos) es imprescindible si tienes una cámara Fujifilm (modelo 210 y 300). Hazte con este doble pack de película Instantánea – Fujifilm Instax WIDE Bipack (2×10 fotos) antes de que se acabe.

  • -17%disc.

    Pelicula Instant – Fujifilm Instax Mini Confetti (1×10 fotos)

    para camaras Fujifilm modelos 8, 9, 25, 50S, 70 y 90

  • Polaroid ITYPE Black and White Film

    Pack of eight black and white exposures for the new OneStep cameras. Without battery and with the charm of the polaroids of a lifetime.


    ¿Qué características destacan de Polaroid ITYPE Película Blanco y Negro?


    • I-Type instant film for the new OneSteps, such as the OneStep 2 or the OneStep +.
    • No built-in battery so not compatible with old Polaroid 600 cameras.
    • Eight exposures in black and white with the touch and magic of Polaroid.
    • 10.7 by 8.8 cm copy size, with a 7.9 by 7.9 cm square image surrounded by the classic white border.
    • Development time from 10 to 15 minutes.
    • Film with a sensitivity of 640 ISO



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