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Batteries have become an essential element, something that you always have to have on hand.

Batteries are a source of energy that generates electricity through a series of chemical processes that transform chemical energy into electrical energy through reactions produced in the electrodes, which generate a current of electrons.

They are composed of two electrodes separated by a chemical solution called electrolyte, which enables the transfer of electrons between the two plates. Depending on what the electrodes and electrolyte are made of, the batteries will be of one type or another.

Generally we can differentiate the batteries into two large groups: primary batteries and secondary batteries. Primary batteries are those that run out of charge with use and are discarded, and secondary batteries are called rechargeable batteries, which can be recharged when they are used up.

Depending on their size, we can classify the batteries into different groups.

  • Double A (aa) batteries: They are the most used. They have a voltage of 1.5V and are used mainly in toys or consoles.
  • Triple A batteries (aaa): They have the same shape and voltage as double A batteries but are longer and thinner. They are used in small electronic devices such as remote controls.
  • C batteries: They are of the same voltage as the previous ones but larger. They are used in large electronic toys or flashlights.
  • Batteries D: They are round in shape and large.
  • 9V batteries: Their voltage is 9V and they are rectangular in shape, they are also called PP3.

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