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  • Tripod

    Swiss+go Flexible Advance 10 tripod

    Flexible, portable, compact, lightweight, adaptable and ultra versatile tripod. Ideal companion for your trips and excursions.
    The main characteristic of this accessory is the flexibility of its legs that "twist" assuming really unusual positions that make it ideal as a support to be joined with any
    place you find (a tree branch, a railing, a post, a bush, etc.) and to adapt to any surface irregularities, even the most uneven ones.
    Its legs fold and rotate 360 °. With smartphone adapter holder.

  • Rotolight RL48 Video Vlogging Kit
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    • Perfect for content creators
    • Made for youtubers, vloggers and influencers
    • Package Dimensions: 11.0 L x 28.0 H x 21.4 W (centimeters)
    • Made in Spain

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